Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lighthouses and More Vacation

 The next 2 days were way too cold and raining on and off to hang out at the beach, so we drove the island. Geneva was such a good traveler!
 This was my favorite lighthouse- so beautiful!
 Of course, Jesse had the National Park book, so the girls got another stamp added to their collection.

 My lil chicks.
 When it stopped raining, we went to play on the beach for a little bit. Poor Maddie fell in and got completely wet in her clothes. She didn't mind much. She had to drive home for an hour in a towel :)
Rock climbing :)
And jumping...
 We got to climb the next lighthouse we visited. 
 It was so windy at the top!

Love this.
 That evening we did our Resurrection Eggs. Maddie made these in school. The 12 days leading up to Easter you open an egg that has verses and corresponding things that represent aspects of Jesus' death and resurrection (the last egg is empty- just like the tomb!). Makes for great discussion with the girls!
 Before the drive home, we made it to Duck Donuts. This place is amazing.
 The drive home was so beautiful. I love Spring. We stopped in Yorktown for another National Park stamp, then made it home in 6 hours!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Outer Banks Trip!

We were so thankful to be able to get away for a couple days this week. We drove to the Outer Banks- what a fun place!
Thanks Auntie "L" for the pedicures before got our toes in the sand!
 Maddie LOVES the beach. She's my Cali girl through and through.
 Savannah was happy making sand pies...another California girl at heart.
 This was Geneva's first experience at the beach!

 "I can't wait to be big enough to play in the water like my big sisters."
 After a morning of the beach, we went to Jockey Ridge for the afternoon. 
 I love Savannah's "Princess of the Beach" shirt!
 This place is amazing- huge sand dunes!
 Can you see Maddie? She trekked across the sand so well!

 Finally, we made it to the water!

That sure tired them out!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hidden Pond Field Trip

Maddie's Kindergarten's class went to Hidden Pond on Friday for a field trip. 
How cute are they?!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

All the people enjoying the Cherry Blossoms. 
We found a parking spot! Family picture time :)
Lovely little flowers. 
They feel like silk.
 Geneva loved the walk- she even napped!
 These two munchkins played tag as we looked at the trees. Always a game!
 Beautiful sunset.
 I'm so thankful for the warmer weather (without humidity)!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Thanks to the Nellis reality group, our family went to a Nats game today! It was the girls' first real sporting event. 
 Yup, this cute girl got thrown a ball!
She is wearing a Lobos t-shirt...closest we could get to Nats colors.

Here's Jesse explaining the game :)
 What a gorgeous day. Geneva was such a good gamer.
 Family photo.
 Somebody liked playing with their toes more than watching baseball!
 "Hmmm...I think my hot dog fits in the cup holder."
Cracker Jacks!
Love having fun with these gals.

Spring Is Here!

 I'm so thankful to look out my window and see green grass, flowers in the trees, and kids on the trampoline. Spring is finally here!
 Baby G loves chewing on grapes!
And swinging barefoot!
Here's a typical evening at our house- tickles and giggles!
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