Sunday, May 24, 2015

Little Sister Time

I am so blessed to be home with these sweet girls. I enjoy watching them learn, experience new things, and just grow up. This week we had some fun sister moments for the two younger ones while Maddie was at school.
 On a rainy day we had a tea party in the sun room with Abby (the bunny that talks during story time).
 Geneva squealed with delight since she got to drink REAL water out of the tea cup...too cute! 
Story time!
Then we completed the puzzle, which was a serious feat since Geneva was there.
And clean up time!

My lil princesses!
  On a sunny day we enjoyed going for a bike ride.
 Savannah and her friend found a caterpillar and put it in our bug house. 
The next morning it had made a cocoon- pretty exciting!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Fun with the Whites...

 We had a great visit with Rachel, Lucy, and Cliff this past week (Mike only was able to swoop in for a couple meals since he had meetings)! It's so exciting that now they live in PA (only about 4 hours away). We go way back- we both grew up at Grace Church in Cali. Let's just say I grew up a bunch of years ahead of her, but still the same, we have similar stomping grounds. About 4 years ago, Jesse married she and Mike and it's been a blast seeing their family grow!

 We went on a BUNCH of walks- some slow with the kids walking and others with the kids riding in the stroller. 
 These cuties fit in the same swing at the park! Lucy and Geneva are only 3 months apart.
 Cliff is adorable- just 9 months old.
 My girls loved "helping" Lucy while she was here. Friday night we spent time eating dinner in the cul de sac with our neighbor friends. 
 Saturday morning we took a walk to Starbucks.

Daddy got the girls a treat!
 Lots of fun outside play...

 My kitchen helper- Maddie stirred up the sweet potato fries.
 Saturday night we had the Boady's over. These silly kids all have mouth fulls of whip cream! 
On our way to church!
After church, we went to a picnic potluck at the Pinkley's with the TeamMates class. 
Thanks Rachel and Mike for coming to visit! We had a great time catching up and talking. We love your kiddos!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Few Weeks Ago...

I'm kinda behind on blogging the happenings in our life (for the grandparents that actually look at the blog :). We've been busy with school, friends, and having friends stay with us. 
Here's a few fun pics of the girls...
 We enjoyed dinner and a baby movie with some friends one cute how they all gather together on the pillow! 
 Going for a nature walk all decked out! Funny girl. We gathered leaves, flowers and bugs!

Look at that caterpillar climbing her arm- we've found so many of them lately!!
Here's a flower for you, mom!  
This is the coolest tree swing! 
  All of us had a blast with some of our friends for dinner one night. Savannah had a great ride!
Too cute.

More fun with friends at our house. Nothing like s'mores when the wetaher gets warmer!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Park time and AWANA

We love any morning we get to walk to Green Springs with the Pinkley ladies. 
Such a pretty place!
Sweet friends. 

We were thrilled to send out the Dillard's as AWANA missionaries last night. They have faithfully served at IBC, and now will be starting up new clubs all over VA!

Savannah was so cute getting her award!
Congrats girls for finishing your books and memorizing all the Scripture. It's such a blessing to hide God's Word in your heart starting at a young age.
 After the Awana awards, Jesse and I ran over to the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) banquet. We enjoyed hearing how God is working on school campuses through students and coaches.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Days Around Here

These Spring days have been filled with lots of friends and outside play.
Jesse took Maddie and some of her friends to their class field trip to see a play. 
They had a great time together!
Our sweet neighbor, Tessa, got a bunny! All the girls in the cul de sac were excited to meet the new member to our crew.
Geneva gets in naps sometimes on our morning walks- I love how she fell asleep holding a flower.
Why use a spoon?!
Love this girl and all her princess pretend.
Creek time!
Why can't I color with markers on my face?
We got to go to Maddie's Art show one afternoon. She made this pretty dragonfly. 
My little sweet Savannah. We had a realllly long conversation about "her garden" and why it's having trouble growing. I'm often included in her world of pretend!
The girls and I got to go to the French Market with the Pinkstons last Saturday when Jesse was out of town. So much fun eating crepes, shopping, listening to live music, and talking with friends. 

Someone knows how to ride a 2 wheel glider bike!

G loves this bouncy bike. 
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