Sunday, December 21, 2014

ICS Grandparent's Day

  Maddie was counting down the days until Grandparent's Day! She was so excited.

These cuties were ready to go see their big sister sing!
 Daddy was pointing out where Maddie was to Savannah. 
Savannah was thrilled to see her big sister sing.
 Walking up on stage!
 They all sang so well!


 I love how these sisters love each other.
 They were so happy to be at school together.
Miss Penny, Auntie "L", and Uncle David were all there to participate in the special morning.
Uncle David is so good with the girls!

Maddie and her sweet friend, Reagan.
Here's one of Maddie's writing assignments.
 After the events at school, everyone came back to the house for lunch. 
Auntie "L" took all these great pictures :)
 The girls wanted to show off their baking skills.

God has been so good to bring people in our lives here in VA that love our family so unselfishly. We have been blessed beyond what I could have imagined before we moved almost 3 years ago. Of course, we miss our family dearly that is spread all over the US, but we see God's kind hand in providing us with a church family. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

First Day of Christmas Break!

. video
When I woke up this morning, I heard the kids playing, and this is what I found!
Maddie is such a sweet big sister.
 We took an outing to Pentagon Row today to ice skate! It was pretty chilly, so we were layered up.
 They have little ice skate helpers :)
 Watch out, here they come!
 Daddy's second time ice skating ever.


Sweet nap time cuddles

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Keeping Up with the Kids...

These days (and nights) have been full with the kids lately! Geneva is into EVERYTHING, and Maddie and Savannah have a lot to say and do. We've also all been passing different sicknesses around, so sometimes the nights are busy, too. In these times I really have to pray and ask God for strength and the right attitude. When I'm run down it's so easy to loose my patience and wish for "easy", but that's not when God shows Himself as mightily. God shows His power in my weakness and in the way He so faithfully forgives after I sin. What a great God we have. 
 Sweet little Neva wants to color just like her big sisters. Our goal: keep it on the paper, not the walls :)
 She's riding! The other day Savannah was "Jessie" from Toy Story pretty much the whole day! This girl can ride, play the guitar, and sing all at the same time!
 Thanks Grandpa for making this pony!
 We painted bird houses when we had a sunny afternoon. The girls love being outside and getting artsy.
 Watch out! This girl likes to have 2 purses on her arms and one phone in hand. 
She's not getting my wallet!
 Sweet Savannah and I made strawberry almond smoothies the other day- such a yummy snack. Savannah loves helping out in the kitchen.
Maddie girl got to go to 2 birthday parties Saturday! This one was at the trampoline park. She had such fun jumping with the neighborhood friends!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Girls Are So Fun

 I just love dressing my girls- it's just fun! 
 Geneva loves getting into my kitchen drawers and playing!
 Savannah has been enjoying the manger scene.
 The girls and I have baked 5 different kind of Christmas treats already! They are all ready in the freezer to give as gifts. I love having the girls participate in gifts for their school and Sunday school teachers. 
Sweet snuggles are a common occurrence here. Love all the kisses and hugs.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Lights with the Pinkleys

The last 2 years the Pinkleys and us have had pizza, then we drive around to see some great Christmas lights, and return home for hot cocoa and cookies. What fun!
 Cute friends.
Sweet girls!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Cowles are Pretty Cool...

Katie, Tom, and Debbie had us over to celebrate my birthday last night. They were pretty amazing!
I know this pic is a bit fuzzy (but that's what you get when holding a squirming one year old taking a picture with your IPhone!). Debbie was cooking up burgers to order, Tom was making shakes or malts, and Katie was preparing all the sides. Busy kitchen!!  
Katie took everyone's "order" on these cute menus they made up. The girls were having a blast!! 
It was like being at a diner!

 The menu.

They even served dinner in these cute baskets! Yum!!
Neva LOVED my shake. Once she got a hold of it, there was no way I was getting another sip!!
Thanks Cowles for making this such a fun night. We love you guys!
The girls are enjoying their goodie bags of ring pops!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We enjoyed having Maddie here more this week! It kinda snowed on Wednesday, so we celebrated with hot cocoa and peppermint marshmallows and played Uno!
Sparky came home with Maddie this week from AWANA. He even spent Thanksgiving with us!
He was added to the bedtime lovie collection!
We had a great time at the Drums house for Thanksgiving. Geneva couldn't get over Dara's hair!!
  On Friday we went to Reston Town Center Parade with the Seats. 
We had a great time!
 Our family decorated for Christmas on Saturday. The girls helped me make biscuits using Christmas cookie cutters. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Savannah's PJ Party!

Savannah loves being cozy in her PJ's, along with eating pumpkin pancakes and bacon! 
So, we decided to celebrate with friends doing just that!
 Good morning sunshine!
   There girls were so cute in their jammies making fruit loop necklaces.
 Miss Penny was a hit in her Olaf PJ pants and snowball slippers!
 Jesse and Auntie L were the pancake chefs.
 Yum...pumpkin pancakes, whip cream, strawberries, and bacon!
 Sweet faces!
 During the party Savannah whispered to me, "Mom, this is the best party ever." So cute!
 After breakfast we played pancake on a spatula relay race. Pancakes were flying around the house!!
 Then we had a cozy story time. 
The Napping House and If You Give a Pig a Pancake were the books we chose!
 Next we played the sleeping still game. Nice and quiet until....
 tackle time!!
 Savannah loved all her gifts. Later she asked me how did everyone know what I wanted?!
 This cookie cake is amazing. Penny made a little girl in PJ's holding a blankie.
 There were also short stack pancake cookie for dessert.
Family pic, minus the napping Geneva.
Party favors...
Thanks Auntie L for taking all the pictures!

After the party we went for a bike ride (thanks Papa and Mimi) and had pizza for dinner. 
We had a wonderful day celebrating Savannah's life. She was so thankful and a joy to be with. 
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