Monday, August 22, 2016

Work and Play

We've been working hard on switching up the girls rooms. We repainted Maddie's new room. Geneva even helped (photo taken right before she dipped her hand in the pan of paint :). We put together a new bed, and went though all their stuff- purging time feels so good.
The girls switched closets, and each one organized their own things- great time to teach them responsibility and organization. They actually had fun doing it!
We had a blast at a D.C. United game yesterday!
 The girls had cotton candy during the rain delay :)
 Savannah and I got in a date this week- it was so fun to have special time with her! We got a first day of kindergarten outfit, then went to lunch, and then a kindergarten play date at the school playground. She is such a thankful and kind little girl. I'm so blessed to be her mommy. 
I really can't believe she's already going to school. Yikes!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer is still here, but not for long

 Geneva was pretty much potty trained in a day! 
Everyone benefits from a potty party here. 
 Great Waves water park!
 Oh yeah!
 Maddie loves her new dress from Auntie L and her Bible cover from Faith.
Geneva was pretty excited to go to church with undies and her nails painted. 
I told her I'd paint her nails once she was potty trained- it was a really big deal to her. So precious!
 Savannah my little sweetie.
 She's a character.
This week we had Davis stay with us! Please pray for him as he serves God by translating the Bible to a group of people in Africa that don't have the Bible in their language yet.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Road Trip Home

 We drove from Schroon Lake to Haverhill, MA. The drive was beautiful!
 We had a little picnic stop in Vermont. 
 Not happy, but still oh so cute.
 We found a pretty cool book store and sandwich shop.
 Then the kids were out!
 The next stop was Uncle Kenny and Aunt Jennifer's.
 Of course, we went to Carter's ice cream.
 Rebecca and Rob's wedding reception was the next day. 
Uncle Kenny bought the girls kites!

 We left MA and drove to Providence, RI the next day. We had a great time at the zoo! 
Can you see the Cheetahs in the background?
Next we stopped in NY and took a walk down memory lane. 
This is my favorite pizza place- right in the neighborhood where my mom grew up!
This is the house my mom's dad built.
The girls even got to play on the play ground where Mimi and Aunt Jennifer played when they were little.
 The next day we took a ferry across Cape May. 
 The kids were thrilled to see a few dolphins.

 We couldn't help stopping at the beach and flying the kites again.
 It was so windy! Windy enough that one of our kites flew away- it was pretty cool to watch it fly for about 20 minutes, and then crash.
 Geneva was happy playing in the sand.
I'm glad we took the long way home and enjoyed being the 5 of us.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last of Word of Life Camp...

Here's the group shot of all those that came from our church. 
It was fun hanging out together for the week.
Every meal was amazing- the food was really delicious.
I did get some alone time int he early hours of the morning. It was so peaceful swinging in a hammock, reading the Word, and looking at the lake. God refreshes the soul.
 WOL also has a ranch! We got to ride horses one day!

 One evening we went to the ranch for a rodeo- what fun!

 Nothing like rodeo burgers :)


At the end of the week, the kids gave a review of what they learned in their classes. Pretty cute!
Geneva can play some shuffle board :)
We had a great time as a family, too. What a great place. We're going back next year, so if you want to come, let us know! We'd love to see you there!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hike to Lake George

One day some of us ventured out from the camp and did a little hike to Lake George.

 There was a beautiful waterfall we played in along the way.


 Dale and Naomi were our guides.

  Then we came to Lake George and found a wonderful shallow spot to play!

  We found a piece of styrofoam that became quite fun to pay with. 
 Then we headed over to shops and restaurant area.

And we ended up at Stewarts of course!