Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Littles

These little ones are keeping me busy! 
We made scones one morning BEFORE school, so that they could bring their sweet teachers a little treat.
Savannah brought Clifford and her new book for her first "show and tell".
Maddie started soccer for the first time this week! 
She gor to play goalie for a bit at the game Saturday. No one scored and she got the ball a few times!
Cute girl. Daddy took her cleat and sock shopping- I think this might become their thing.
Two of the girls on the team go to school at ICS as well. The Pinkleys were sweet enough to go watch the game, too!
Geneva and I have had some fun while the girls are at school.
AWANA also started this week!
Geneva was THRILLED to start Puggles,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We had a super fun ladies weekend while daddy was in Cali preaching. Saturday evening we went to Shake Shack with the Pinkley girls.
Too cute!
 Monday we drove up the Drum's lake house for a day of fun!
 Savannah was pretty excited to drive Mr. Drum's boat.
 The Call family rocked it out there! So happy to be with them again.
 Dennis and Daniel went for such a wild ride that the tube broke :(
 Me and the kids. Geneva loved it!
  And the momma's went for a wild ride on the deflating float :) 
What a fun-filled weekend with friends. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of School

I just can't believe the summer is over and Maddie and Savannah are off to school! Last year we home schooled, but as we prayed about his year, Jesse and I thought it would be best to send both girls to Immanuel Christian School this year. 
We really take this decision seriously and will pray through it each year. 
Here's my sweet Savannah! She is thrilled to start school. Last night she had a little tummy ache (I think because of first day jitters), but overall, she's excited! 
Look at that happy girl!
Maddie is off to second grade! She has mixed feelings about starting school- a bit nervous for sure. 
I love this deep-thinking girl. Last night we prayed and talked lots about school, friends, teachers, and most of all; trusting God in everything. I love having the privileged of shepherding their little hearts.
Geneva really was hoping to go to school with the girls this morning! 
She wanted me to pack her a lunchbox too!
Savannah adores Mrs. Gleason already.
Naomi and Savannah have been friends since they were about 2. 
They aren't in the same classroom, but will certainly be together a lot this year.
Daddy and his girl! 
Daddy was able to pray for the kids and teachers at the school assembly this morning.
Maddie came home saying Mrs. Anthony is so nice! She also said she was excited about school and wanted to go back tomorrow- huge praise!
After leaving the girls, Little Neva and me had a special date at Starbucks- 
I'm really going to love this time with her!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bedroom Changes...

In the last couple of weeks we've had some changes around here. Since Geneva is potty trained, she was able to move up to a big girl bed. She is now in the lower bunk sharing a room with Savannah. Maddie has been asking for her own room, so now she is in Geneva's old room.
 Reepacheap is right by Maddie's bed :)
After having a conversation with Mimi, Maddie really wanted a canopy bed. Thanks to Papa and Mimi (birthday present), we were able to find this bed on clearance from an outlet. 
What a deal we found!!
We got the canopy curtains from Ikea for a total of $4. And the rug was a gift from a dear friend. 
We repainted the room with paint we already had. Most of the wall decorations were already up.
 We found the comforter, sheets, and "Love" pillow as a set at Home Goods for a great steal :)
Maddie is very thankful to have her own room! 
We still might squeeze a desk in there if we can find one the right size.
Now Savannah is the big sis on top and Geneva sleeps on the bottom.
  All the little girl toys are stashed in these boxes.
I love this colorful and packed room. Geneva doesn't stay in her new bed yet. She kinda likes to bed hop (even in the middle of the night). 
Last night she was in Maddie's bed around 1am. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Raspberry Picking

We enjoyed our last Thursday before school starts up raspberry picking with the Azers. 
We took a little drive out to Butler Farm and had a great time!

I pick this girl. She's pretty adorable.
 They filled their buckets! I have some plans to make raspberry syrup and jam, if we don't eat them all   before that. They are perfectly sweet!

 Besides berries, we picked some beautiful flowers!
The girls made little bouquets for their rooms when we got home. 
The slides, petting zoo, and play ground was also open. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed a day outside. I'm cherishing these days with the girls home. It's hard to think about them going off to kindergarten and second grade. I'm going to miss them!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Work and Play

We've been working hard on switching up the girls rooms. We repainted Maddie's new room. Geneva even helped (photo taken right before she dipped her hand in the pan of paint :). We put together a new bed, and went though all their stuff- purging time feels so good.
The girls switched closets, and each one organized their own things- great time to teach them responsibility and organization. They actually had fun doing it!
We had a blast at a D.C. United game yesterday!
 The girls had cotton candy during the rain delay :)
 Savannah and I got in a date this week- it was so fun to have special time with her! We got a first day of kindergarten outfit, then went to lunch, and then a kindergarten play date at the school playground. She is such a thankful and kind little girl. I'm so blessed to be her mommy. 
I really can't believe she's already going to school. Yikes!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer is still here, but not for long

 Geneva was pretty much potty trained in a day! 
Everyone benefits from a potty party here. 
 Great Waves water park!
 Oh yeah!
 Maddie loves her new dress from Auntie L and her Bible cover from Faith.
Geneva was pretty excited to go to church with undies and her nails painted. 
I told her I'd paint her nails once she was potty trained- it was a really big deal to her. So precious!
 Savannah my little sweetie.
 She's a character.
This week we had Davis stay with us! Please pray for him as he serves God by translating the Bible to a group of people in Africa that don't have the Bible in their language yet.