Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Savannah's 5th Princess Party!

Grandpa flew all the way in from ABQ to go to his first princess party :)
 Miss Penny amazed us again with her cookie talent!Look at this castle- all edible!!

 Thanks Miss Penny! 
 We started with craft time. The girls made their own favor bags and Cinderella carriages by decorating pumpkins.
 Auntie "L" took all the lovely pictures at the party- thank you!! 

 Savannah gave out rings to her friends.
 Then we did nails and danced at the ball.
 The girls had an afternoon tea.

 Then we played find the hidden glass slipper. Jesse was guarding the door!
 Here they come!
 Savannah loved having Grandpa there!
 Sweet group of friends.
 Thanks everyone for the fun gifts!!
 Savannah thanking her sister for her present.
 We are so thankful for this sweet girl. She truly is a joy. 
Yay- Grandpa too!
After the party the girls played for a while and then watched Cinderella.
Such a fun time celebrating God's gift in Savannah!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grandpa's Visit

We had a wonderful visit with Grandpa! The girls just love spending time with him. 
He was under high demand!
Chutes and Laders!
School time. Grandpa played a little math game and then a reading game with Maddie. 
He was super helpful with Geneva while I did a bit more work with Maddie.
While Grandpa was here we went on a couple epic walks! 
Both girls rode their bikes around a 4 mile loop!
Grandpa also got to go to several of our friends house's for dinner. 
He was such a good sport with all the kiddos!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Real Life Here

This is good for me to be reminded of...
 There's always more to what we first see. 
Here you see kids being productive- school time.
Looks good, right?
Well, here's what's UNDER the table. Nice, right?! Crumbs, toys, blankets, slippers, and little feet etc. God is teaching me to be OK with life not being organized, clean, and falling in-line with my plans. I'm learning that life is messy, and I need to submit to what the Lord brings my way. This contentment is full of pain and joy. When I seek God's plan for my day, and don't push with my own strength, joy is the outcome. But, when I do things in my own strength and ignore what God wants me to slow down for, I am frustrated and sinful. So, let me encourage you today to spend time on what matters. Spend time in God's Word, and find the grace in Christ to accomplish
 what God has planned for your day. To God be the glory!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Field Trip to Amish Country!

Well, a huge benefit to homeschooling is that we get to take trips whenever we want (kind of :)! It fit in Jesse's schedule to take off 2 days, so went drove a few hours to Lancaster, PA and visited the Amish. The last week the girls and I learned the history, beliefs, family lifestyle, livelihood, and traditions of the Amish. 
Our first stop was at the Amish Village. Here we took a tour of an Amish home and farm. Here are the girls driving the buggy!
I wouldn't trust this bunch on the road!
Geneva really wanted to feed the horses!
We learned what life would be like in a one-room schoolhouse. The Amish don't start school until they are 6 years old and complete their education at eighth grade.
Next, we took a buggy ride. Maddie even got to drive!
One afternoon the 3 of us got to see the Christmas show at Sight and Sound Theatre. It was amazing! The girls loved being at a "real" show.
The next show coming to the theatre is Samson- so the girls had to take goofy pics.
So strong.
I loved driving around the countryside- so beautiful!

We got to be turkeys at the Turkeyhill Factory.
We had a great time (all except Neva) learning about how ice cream is made. We even got to create our own flavor, design a carton, and make a commercial!
We stopped at a home where they make and sell delicious root beer and jam.
The girls also got to see their animals.
One of our highlights was going to the Choo Choo Barn. 
There was an incredible display of model trains!
Geneva kept holding her tummy- she said she was scared of the trains! Ha.

Then we rode the oldest continuously running locomotive in the U.S.
The girls got to ride in the engine area- it was super loud!