Monday, February 9, 2009

Gone the Seventh Weekend in a Row!

We hit the road, yet again, for another weekend away. This time it was just for hanging out with friends. We had a beautiful 5 hour drive up to Shaver Lake. 
We met up with the Bussells and a few other friends. Madison and Elijah were buddies from the beginning. Jessica and I just hung out in the house all day, talking about being mommies, while the guys went skiing. I guess it was an amazing powder day- so glad Jesse had a chance to just play!
The next day we went on a little family walk (the house we stayed in is in the background). 
I love all her funny faces when we go for a walk- she enjoys getting bounced. She's started "talking" up a storm when she's is motion.
Here we are by a frozen pond.
The best family shot we could manage with all the layers!
She was bundled!
Here they are again. Madison is 4 months older than Elijah
Maddie's keeping an eye on him! We had a relaxing and fun time- thanks for inviting us to join you, Caleb and Jessica!

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