Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Here is our big one year old! Let's see, at 12 months Madison is still crawling everywhere, not walking yet. She has taken "a" step, and cruises along furniture, but is not ready to venture out by herself quite yet (fine by me :) She says, "hi" to just about anyone (even in line at a very quiet post office where everyone WAS minding their own business). She also says, "Mama", "Dada", "Papa", "hot", and likes to make lots of other silly sounds (the snake sound for airplanes is one of my favorite). She can sign "all done" (but signs it when excited, too!) She blows kisses for "thank you". We think she's getting her molars, because we've had quite a few nights where she's awake (this hasn't happened since six weeks old). The Mads tips in at 19 pounds, and is 29 inches long (15th percentile). She is a pure joy. We love her personality and just about everything about her:) We continue to pray that she will grow to fear the Lord, and desire to obey Him and serve Him with her life. That would be the greatest joy as a parent to see!
Here are a bunch of pictures of what we did to celebrate her first birthday...
Magnets were a gift from Jesse and me- Daddy made the sign.
Mimi and Papa bought Maddie (actually Mommy) a new lighter stroller. Thanks you!!!!
We had a little birthday breakfast, since Daddy would be gone for dinner. French toast is a Maddie favorite.
Then we went to Griffith Park with Mimi and Aunt Dottie. I have never seen Madison so excited. This was the look on her face as we watched the carousel- so funny!
Mimi treated us to a ride on this Merry Go Ground built in 1926. It played a Military Organ Band- so much fun!
Maddie only held on with one hand the whole time. She was so thrilled, she began blowing bubbles!
There's my princess rider!
What a cute birthday girl!
Aunt Dottie said, "Watching Madison was better than money."
She loved listening to the music, and watching the horses go around.
Next, Aunt Dottie bought Madison a pinwheel- which gave both of them great delight.
We hopped on the Freedom Train for a little ride around the park. For more information on Griffith Park go here.
After a good nap, Madison played with her new toy from Aunt Dottie. I think she might walk sooner now!
After a lobster pasta dinner (no kidding and Mads loved the lobster), we had ice cream cupcakes for dessert.
Mimi gave Maddie a Praise Baby DVD that we all watched before she went to bed. What a fun-filled day!
These are a couple pictures from when my dear friend Kellie brought Madison a cupcake last week. This was her first actual cupcake experience.
Right after this picture was taken she hugged the cupcake! Thank you Kellie for the fun!

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Melissa said...

yay happy birthday maddie!! she's soo cute!