Monday, August 10, 2009

Daddy's Home

Jesse was is Florida for the last week teaching at another High School summer camp. We missed him so much! So Mads and me hopped in the car and drove down to LAX Saturday to pick him up. We stopped for lunch at the In and Out right by the airport. This was an experience! Not only did Maddie get a bunch of Daddy's strawberry milkshake, she also saw the planes land!
They were so loud!
Then on Sunday afternoon Jesse went to his office to prepare for preaching in "big" church last night. So I watched Madison entertain herself with a piece of paper- it's so funny what will keep her occupied.
Look at those teeth! BEWARE when feeding: they are sharp!
Jesse preached a really interesting message on angels from Hebrews 2 last night. After all the preaching and traveling, I wanted to make him breakfast in bed.
Jesse and Maddie are so cute together- I couldn't help taking pictures!
Jesse brought back this adorable "Little Chick" PJ's and "Buttercup" sippy for Maddie- he's the best Dad!

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Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

So fun! Wow, preaching in big church =) Very daunting (I'd be nervous if Jeremy were)