Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Compassion and the Christian

I love listening to Jesse preach! I actually became interested in him the first time I heard him preach (that's a long story for another time :)!! I have the privilege of listening to him teach every Thursday at Bible study, and this semester we are going through 2 Kings. But last week he had the opportunity to fill the pulpit at Grace Community Church. (Our pastor was still recovering from back surgery). Jesse was asked to preach 3 days before Sunday, so not a lot of time to prepare. He titled his message, "Mandate for Ministry: Compassion and the Christian" from James 2:14-17. He had just spent the last semester specifically thinking through this subject as he wrote his thesis. Click here if you care to listen to this thought-provoking message. It's amazing to think that God designed the church to care for one another in such a way that we are an example to the world of Christ's love. What a blessing it is to be a part of the body of Christ, and what a joy to serve others within that body. I am now more motivated to show compassion on fellow believers not only to bless them, but also to show Christ's love to the unbelieving world.


Ski Town Girl said...

Deidre: would love to hear Jesse's message, but the click through feature doesn't work on my computer. Can you please send me a link? Love, Deb

Jesse said...

Hey mom,

Here is the link: