Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday was Filled...

Saturday morning started off with a CSUN ladies event with my mom! She spoke with us about Biblical femininity. We had a wonderful time studying God's Word and comparing the woman that is a helper (God's design) to a woman that is a hinderer (our sinful way of operating on our own). I'm so thankful that God has clearly defined men and woman's roles in Scripture, and I love experiencing the blessing of following those roles in life with Jesse.
We had quite the breakfast feast.
When I got home, Josh and Gracie were dropped off for our first little kids slumber party. Their parents were celebrating their ten year anniversary, so we watched the kids for the day and brought them to church the next morning. I didn't know Madison had so many toys- they covered her floor!!!
We had fun with play dough, freeze dance, the matching game, puzzles, tag, and lots of other outside games. Vivian came over and helped out while Jesse was reffing a soccer game that afternoon. Vivian was so sweet- she came bearing Starbucks for everyone!!!
After dinner we watched a movie and had popcorn. The next morning was a whirlwind with getting 4 kids under 4 years old ready for church by 7:45am. We had a blast!

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Janet said...

I just saw your post about Saturday, so cute. I can't tell you how blessed Mark and I were by having the kids stay with you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!