Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want to remember...

There are so many things that Madison says that keeps us laughing! I want to remember these sweet times, because I realize the moments are gathered up into days that are gathered into weeks, and months, and all of a sudden years fly by and you forget. I want to remember and enjoy these moments. Here are some of the things Maddie has said lately that make us giggle...

Me: " Ready to go to the store?"
Maddie: "Hit the road Jack!"

Maddie: "I love having a sister. I love babies."

After sneezing the other day, Maddie said to herself: "Bless me!"

We were walking outside and I said: "Oh yuck!"
Maddie: "Happened Mommy?"
Me: "A bird pooped on my head!"
Maddie: "You so sad?"
Me: "Ah...yeah."

We had our friends' Allen and Anna over for a BBQ the other night. Maddie was playing in her little car in the backyard when she said to Jesse,
"Daddy, I need gas in my car."
Jesse: "Gas is expensive."
Without hesitation Maddie said: "Allen, do you have any money?"

Maddie: "I have a baby boy in my tummy."

We had a group of about 15 people over for lunch and right after Jesse prayed everyone was silent and Maddie blurted out to one of our friends, "You are big like an angel!" Everyone busted up laughing! (Where this came from: we have to turn Maddie's children's Bible vertically to see the tall angel that tells Mary that Jesus is no longer in the grave. Our sweet friend is tall and beautiful like an angel- she plays water polo for CSUN).

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