Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthdays and Holidays

We just had some fun-filled days! Grandma and Grandpa drove here from CO, we celebrated Savannah's first birthday, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anna Sanders not only cooked a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but also made time to play with Maddie :)
Some of the men chatting after dinner.
Grandma and Savannah went up and down the stairs all evening :)
We were so happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with Deb and Robert!
Savannah turned one this week as well. She loves her foam mat from Mimi and Papa!
The airplane from Grandma and Grandpa made Savannah clap!

She kissed and hugged the baby from Madison.
And she enjoyed the personalized book from Mommy and Daddy.
She was fascinated by the balloons!
Papa got right down on the floor to play!
Can you guess one of Savannah's favorite meals? Salmon!!

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You Are A Soul said...

Your daughters are so expressive!! What a blessing! (I love Maddie's face in the first picture).