Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Many Thoughts...

I haven't had the time to sit down and blog lately...just too much going on in preparing to move across the country! These days are filled with getting together with dear friends and family, making decisions for our new home, and organizing to move. We are enjoying each moment, as they are directly ordained by God.
The other day a group of my mom's dear friends got together with me for a time of prayer. It was a sweet time. Each of these ladies have played an important role in my life- models of what a young woman should strive to be. They each wrote out their prayers for our family, and put them in a notebook for me to take. Just so precious.
These photos were taken last night by my dear friend Rachel. We met her and Mike at the beach, took some pictures, ate a picnic dinner, and then went to Dee Dee Reese for ice cream. I'm so thankful for my friendship with Rachel and the fun we all had last night.
We are thankful for these full days with friends and family. We are soaking up all our CA time, and looking with smiles on our faces towards the future. We know that God is faithful, and we are excited to see Him lead us.


Drollingers said...

I wish I could be there soaking up time with you but that will just mean a trip to see you in your new home! Love you and am praying for you guys. You look absolutely radiant in those pictures. Rach

Dale, Sarah, Isaac & Naomi said...

LOVE those pictures!!! What a priceless time with friends, it sounds like!!