Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Family Time...

After the week away, we spent some time around here having fun together...
 We had a day of touring the monuments in D.C.
 Maddie just loved being on Papa's shoulders!
One day we went to Ford's Theatre and the Old Post Office, which are both great places to visit. 
 Savannah and Emma enjoyed playing together quietly, while Maddie and Charis played loudly :)
 One evening we had s'mores in the backyard.
 Savannah just wanted the graham crackers.
 Mimi and Maddie.
 Another evening we went on a Potomac River Boat tour!
 We had great seats at the back of the boat.
 My sister and mom- so pretty!
 Great views of the Lincoln.
 Another evening we went to Old Town and ran into our friends the Pinkleys!
My girls hopped in the car when the James and my parents were packing up. I think they wanted to hitch a ride!! 
We are so glad for this time together- thanks for coming out and all the fun memories!

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karina said...

HOW FUN!! Love all the pictures. Precious time with family is such a blessing! Love you guys. XOXO.