Monday, July 2, 2012

No Power For Now

Well, this is the reason we are without power for the 4th day: a tree took down the power lines on our street. There has been so much damage here in NOVA due to the storm we had last Friday night. If you didn't hear, we had a strange thunder storm with 85-mile-an-hour wind gusts. I've come to understand that here in VA we have storms when it's hot outside...the next day was over 100 degrees! We can't complain- we have no power, but we are all safe and no trees damaged our house or cars. The church body has yet again loved on us. Those with power have provided us with meals and even opened their homes for us to stay in. We are currently staying with friends. Our power may come on sometime this weekend.

Here's another neighbor's house covered with a one was hurt, but they now have a large hole int heir roof, and can't use their front door.

Steve Procopio is the young adults director at our church. This is his car.

Sunday pur church met. We had no electricity, but our atrium has lots of windows. Acoustic guitars, hymnals, folding chairs, no ac. It was quite an interesting experience! 
I'll have more photos soon!
Thanks for those of you who have asked how we are and said you're praying. We appreciate it! 

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