Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The last couple weeks have been very fun with my mom and dad visiting. They've been super helpful with the girls and getting our house back into shape and ready for Spring. I'm so thankful I've been able to go to church the last two Sundays and feel much better!
 The girls and my parents made a rainbow cake.
 Savannah loves her Papa!
 There's the finished product! Such a fun treat.
 A couple days before Easter we got a package in the mail from none other than Great Aunt Dottie. She's 100 years old and never misses sending her nieces special gifts for each holiday. She did this for my mom and Aunt Jennifer when they were little girls, for me and Melissa, and now our girls. Since Aunt Dottie knew I was sick, she bought the girls Easter dresses! So sweet.
 Here they are with the daffodils. Savannah's eating on her way to church!
Papa and Mimi were able to spend Easter with us. That afternoon the Leaches came over and BROUGHT us a wonderful dinner. We had a great time visiting with them.


Ferko said...

Oh my goodness, their Easter dresses are waaaay too cute!! And I love Maddie's curled hair - she is looking waaaay too grown up! xo

ps. Love that you have Daffodils in your backyard - how fun!!!

Dale, Sarah, Isaac & Naomi said...

Cute! I missed seeing the girls on Easter. Love those dresses!