Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Summer Time...

Jesse started taking the girls to Home Depot kids project days. They're the first Saturday of each month. In May the girls made these cute flower pots. The plants are growing nicely on our back porch.
Today the girls went and saw the Pinkleys, too. Today's project was a lawn mower pencil holder. Each time they complete a project, they get to add a button to their workshop cute!
 When it's too warm to keep playing outside, the girls love to color. Sometimes Savannah picks the strangest places to do her art work!
 We joined our local pool again. The girls are thrilled about playing in the water. As you can see, Jesse is not as excited. The pool is pretty cold.
 Tessa is one of our next door neighbor friends.
 She and Maddie are kinda goofy together! 

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Ferko said...

Love the pic of Sissy with Naomi - so cute and I love that they hang out at Home Depot :) Tessa and Maddie are always cute together ;)