Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We love Mondays together! Sometimes we take the day to get things done around the house, other days we relax, and some days we go sightseeing! 
 Yesterday we took the Metro into D.C. The girls LOVED riding the Metro. Maddie said to Savannah, "Hold on. This is going to be a wild ride!"
 Once we got off at Union Station, we walked to Ebenezers Coffeehouse. I had an amazing chai latte. Then we walked over to the courthouse and had a picnic in the shade. The girls then asked Jesse to race in the grass. He's such a great Daddy!
 After grilling this recipe for dinner, we drove to Old Town to walk around. The girls love climbing on the rocks!
I was so thankful for this gorgeous day with my sweet family!

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Ferko said...

Oooo...that recipe looks nomtastic!! Love what Maddie said to Savannah - where do they pick up this stuff? SO cute!!