Thursday, March 20, 2014

Food Times, Good Times

 Um, I think she's pretty cute. 
 She's at the grabbing toes stage. It finally got warm enough to take her socks off (mid 50's).
 Feet are serious business.
 And so is food. G tried good old rice cereal today for the first time. 
Her thoughts: unknown. 
She didn't make a stink or get all crazy happy. 
 It seems like yesterday that I was feeding this one for the first time. 
Maddie has grown up and the time has flown.
 Well, as you can see, Savannah is still working on the "neat" part of eating. 
She sure knows how to get it all over the place!
"K-aw-ket" is how she says the word chocolate, and she sure loves it.

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