Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grandpa and GiGi Visit

We had a long weekend of relaxing fun with Grandpa and GiGi. Grandpa and Ratso (his dog) rode out on the motorcycle and GiGi flew in to visit.
 Story time with the girls!
 Saturday was such a relaxing rainy day.
 Everyone curled up by the fire and watched Frozen- first time for the Grandparents!

Maddie was a little sick, but GiGi still cuddled with her.
 Kitchen help! Actually, the real kitchen help was Grandpa and GiGi- they made us so many delicious meals.

Maddie LOVED walking Ratso. We took quite a few walks while they visited. It was so great to be outside!
 Grandpa and Ratso packing up.
We were all sad to see them leave.
Thanks for coming to visit us!! 

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