Monday, November 24, 2014

Savannah's PJ Party!

Savannah loves being cozy in her PJ's, along with eating pumpkin pancakes and bacon! 
So, we decided to celebrate with friends doing just that!
 Good morning sunshine!
   There girls were so cute in their jammies making fruit loop necklaces.
 Miss Penny was a hit in her Olaf PJ pants and snowball slippers!
 Jesse and Auntie L were the pancake chefs.
 Yum...pumpkin pancakes, whip cream, strawberries, and bacon!
 Sweet faces!
 During the party Savannah whispered to me, "Mom, this is the best party ever." So cute!
 After breakfast we played pancake on a spatula relay race. Pancakes were flying around the house!!
 Then we had a cozy story time. 
The Napping House and If You Give a Pig a Pancake were the books we chose!
 Next we played the sleeping still game. Nice and quiet until....
 tackle time!!
 Savannah loved all her gifts. Later she asked me how did everyone know what I wanted?!
 This cookie cake is amazing. Penny made a little girl in PJ's holding a blankie.
 There were also short stack pancake cookie for dessert.
Family pic, minus the napping Geneva.
Party favors...
Thanks Auntie L for taking all the pictures!

After the party we went for a bike ride (thanks Papa and Mimi) and had pizza for dinner. 
We had a wonderful day celebrating Savannah's life. She was so thankful and a joy to be with. 

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Ferko said...

This is adorable!! Love the theme :))) Oh and Lucy totally has the same pjs as Geneva, I love them because all the deserts all over it ;)