Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Love Snow!

 Um, I might be partial, but she's pretty cute.
 So is Elsa, I mean, Savannah. The snow blows white at our house today!
 Geneva couldn't wait to go outside and play!
 She went down the hill in an avocado box!
 Jesse had some fun, too!
 Wee! Thanks Tessa for taking the little ones down.
 There's my penguin. Straight down on her stomach! Her teacher told me that Maddie looked outside at recess and said, "Good! The snows not all gone! I'm going to go sledding after school. My neighbors have a REALLY big sledding hill!"
 Go Rosa!!
 I'm so thankful for our great neighbor friends! 
 The crew.
 Geneva kept pushing Savannah trying to get the sled to go. She loved going down!!
 And hiking back up!
My love. By the way, Happy Birthday Jesse!!

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