Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Few Weeks Ago...

I'm kinda behind on blogging the happenings in our life (for the grandparents that actually look at the blog :). We've been busy with school, friends, and having friends stay with us. 
Here's a few fun pics of the girls...
 We enjoyed dinner and a baby movie with some friends one cute how they all gather together on the pillow! 
 Going for a nature walk all decked out! Funny girl. We gathered leaves, flowers and bugs!

Look at that caterpillar climbing her arm- we've found so many of them lately!!
Here's a flower for you, mom!  
This is the coolest tree swing! 
  All of us had a blast with some of our friends for dinner one night. Savannah had a great ride!
Too cute.

More fun with friends at our house. Nothing like s'mores when the wetaher gets warmer!!

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Ferko said...

Soo fun!! Geneva is such a cutie, actually all your girls are adorable!! Love that picture of Savannah riding in the car =D too cute