Sunday, November 15, 2015

Real Life Here

This is good for me to be reminded of...
 There's always more to what we first see. 
Here you see kids being productive- school time.
Looks good, right?
Well, here's what's UNDER the table. Nice, right?! Crumbs, toys, blankets, slippers, and little feet etc. God is teaching me to be OK with life not being organized, clean, and falling in-line with my plans. I'm learning that life is messy, and I need to submit to what the Lord brings my way. This contentment is full of pain and joy. When I seek God's plan for my day, and don't push with my own strength, joy is the outcome. But, when I do things in my own strength and ignore what God wants me to slow down for, I am frustrated and sinful. So, let me encourage you today to spend time on what matters. Spend time in God's Word, and find the grace in Christ to accomplish
 what God has planned for your day. To God be the glory!

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