Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Daughter Dates

It's so fun being a mom of daughters! We have such fun together. Lately, the girls and I have been reading Anne of Green Gables. It's amazing to me that they beg for more chapters after sitting for a while listening (maybe it's just to put off going to bed). 
 Well, a group of mothers put on a tea for their daughters with an Anne of Green Gables theme. 
Maddie and I had a special date!
 She was excited to wear a string of pearls that my dad had given me when I was little. 
 Maddie and her sweet friend, Faith at the tea.
 I loved her face when she tried the lemon meringue!
 Our table was made up of "kindred spirits". 
My girl is growing up to be such a sweet young lady!
We had a great time together listening to a devotion about being close to God, playing games like marbles and jax, and eating delicious tea treats.
Since Savannah was unable to go to the tea, I took her on a bike date to Starbucks. 
She biked and I ran. On the way home we played at the park. 
 Savannah was thrilled to bring Grace on her bike.
 Cookies and apple juice.
I love Savannah's imagination- I think (hard to hear) she told me a pretend story the whole way home!


Pinkleys said...

LOVE these!:) Way to go, Mom!

Ferko said...

Maddie looks more and more like you Dei!!! So precious are these memories <3