Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Littles

These little ones are keeping me busy! 
We made scones one morning BEFORE school, so that they could bring their sweet teachers a little treat.
Savannah brought Clifford and her new book for her first "show and tell".
Maddie started soccer for the first time this week! 
She gor to play goalie for a bit at the game Saturday. No one scored and she got the ball a few times!
Cute girl. Daddy took her cleat and sock shopping- I think this might become their thing.
Two of the girls on the team go to school at ICS as well. The Pinkleys were sweet enough to go watch the game, too!
Geneva and I have had some fun while the girls are at school.
AWANA also started this week!
Geneva was THRILLED to start Puggles,

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