Saturday, June 3, 2017

Almost Summer Time

 We're very happy about the weather warming up and school wrapping up!
And Geneva is a rockstar on her glider bike. she can fly!
 Maddie's class had character awards this week. She received the award for "Perseverance: being able to cope with stress to accomplish God's work". She sure has worked hard this year! Mrs. Anthony said that Maddie has even asked if she could bring work home so that she could catch up. I love her determination and hard work!! She has grown so much in responsibility. The kids also read the stories they have written and illustrated. Maddie has become quite an excellent writer!
Savannah had a ladybug release party this week!
"It's in my dress!"
"Now it's in my hair!"
Savannah's class also went to Hidden Pond for a field trip. They are too cute.
Class photo. They got to see frogs, snakes, and learn more about the life cycle.
Friday Savannah's class had donuts with dads- Happy early Father's Day!
 We celebrated National Donut Day. It's a thing and it is noteworthy :)
 Saturday morning at 7:30am, Geneva grabbed her new Preschool book and a pencil and said, "I need to do my math!" This girl is motivated. I love it!!
 Then off we went to Maddie's last soccer game! Love this team of girls and their coaches.
And when we got home, chicks had been delivered! We have 2 baby chicks and a few eggs in an incubator. In 21 days we hope to have a few more babies!

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