Friday, September 15, 2017

Learning Responsibility

 The girls have been learning a few skills around the house besides their schoolwork. 
Maddie makes dinner for us on Mondays! 
Savannah bakes dessert with me once a week as well. There's lots of lessons in the kitchen- math, planning, reading, following directions, etc. 
Savannah has taken over feeling Lilly. Geneva empties the dishwasher, and Maddie sets the table. It's easy for the girls just to play and not be responsible, so we're trying to teach this while they are young :)
 Maddie had her first mother's helper job last week! She LOVED taking care of 2 children while the mom was nearby.
  We celebrated the first week of school finishing up with Alex and Christy! We had a fun dinner and s'mores in the backyard.
 AWANA started up!! We have a Cubbie, Sparkie, and T&T clubber. The girls are on their way to memorizing God's Word!
 Spark came home with Savannah this week, so she read to him!
 we also started co-op last week. Maddie is taking sewing, American Girl History, and Art. The little ones are doing PE, literature, and music. 

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