Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Great Memories!

 Ellen Stanton had the Seminary Wives over for a wonderful brunch and time of looking at God's Word. WE were challenged to look at who God is, and respond in awe of His forgiveness and kindness. What we think about is who we are- so meditate on Christ and let Him be the motivation for how we live.
 Dress up fun with the neighborhood! We have a panda, Batgirl, and Kitty.
 Jesse and Alex dressed up, too!
 Everyone! We had our annual hot dogs, chili and trick or treat with the neighbors.
 A highlight of the night is that the Graumans from CA were able to come visit us!
 These sweet girls have been friends since they were babies!
 Abby was able to stay with us for several days. 
The girls baked, talked, giggled, hiked, and just had a fabulous time together!
 Look what they found at the creek- a fox skull!
These sweet girls enjoyed going to church together, and had a hard time saying goodbye. 
What a blessing it is to have such dear friends! 

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