Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Jennifer and Mimi!

It was pretty novel for Aunt Jennifer to celebrate her birthday on the beaches of California in January. What a gorgeous day it was in the 70's! She is usually freezing in Massachusetts at this time
Of course Charis sat in the ocean and then breaded herself in the sand. Perfect pre-meal activity!
We walked on the Santa Monica Pier and ate lunch at Bubba Gump. Aunt Jennifer was completely embarrassed because the waitresses had the whole restaurant sing Happy Birthday to her while she danced!
Here is the birthday girl wearing her hat.
There's the bathing beauty!
"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters..." Actually Aunt Jennifer wanted to ring Mom's neck from the dancing and Happy Birthday singing!
We watched the fishermen.
That night after our family dinner, Aunt Jennifer read to Madison. She read A Fly Went By which happened to be a story she read to me at least 500 times! It was fun having you here Aunt Jennifer- we love you and miss you already!
My mom's birthday is also in January, so here's how we celebrated her!
We spent the day together. That is my mom's favorite gift- time together as a family. We love her for that. She is so devoted to our family. Then Melissa and I made a gourmet meal (kind of- it included popovers and this trifle). 
Lots of bedtime hugs and kisses after we opened presents. 
I had to include this one! This is a typical shot- Madison getting squeezed as Charis is trying to "help" lift her head for the picture, and 
Mom trying to mediate.


Ben and Melissa James said...

Maddie is going to be one tough little cookie when Charis & Emma leave!

Sarah said...

awww its so great to see that my mom had a good time with you guys! hope all is well :D