Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Sugar Bowl and Trains...What Could be Better?

Mimi got these cute outfits for the girls to match...they were so excited to be triplets!
The "big" girls couldn't keep their eyes off of Madison. She was their new doll! They wanted to wear their pink clothes to the Sugar Bowl.
The Sugar Bowl is a place where my mom and dad took Melissa and I when we were really little, and it's still there! When Jesse heard we were going to the Sugar Bowl, he got all excited (thinking it had to do with a football game), we laughed, and told him it was a restaurant that had nothing to do with football. Hi was a little disappointed. Once we got there, he wasn't disappointed at all! 
It is such a a cute place, it's an old fashioned ice cream parlor (in PINK)! 
Look at the size of those sundaes! They had the funniest names- mine was a Blarney Sundae. 
After the freezing ice cream, we bundled up, and went to a train park. Jesse was in high heaven- he absolutely loves trains! Emma wanted to check out the characters, while Charis was a bit frightened by them. Funny!
There were a bunch of characters roaming around, including Pooh!
Everyone, but Papa.
Jesse REALLY wanted Madison to have a picture with Tigger. My sister had a bouncing and singing Tigger at her house that made Maddie laugh.
There's Papa.
Maddie and the polar bear were matching! 
Both of them her fascinated watching the trains go around! It was pretty funny to watch Madison's eyes- they were darting around trying to follow the different trains. 
Then a carousel ride!
Thanks for taking her on, Aunt Melissa!
Now, that's everyone! 

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Mommy Roth said...

I loved all the pictures. I was sad that your sis didn't put any on her blog but you got it all! What a fun time. I love Maddie's stocking...PB kids??? My Mom had got all of ours from PB too! Glad you had a good time with your family at Christmas. Sure beats the time when you went out for Thanksgiving and was pregnant huh? Happy New Year and God Bless you three!