Monday, January 4, 2010

Denver- Day 3

Grandpa and Maddie reading the comics with Dog.
Uncle Mike was pretty fun- Madison loved playing with him! This is a particularly good photo of him, too :)
We went for a little family walk while it was snowing.
One more snowman picture!
Jesse decided to stuff me head-first into the snow!
Another walk just the two of us at sunset.
Then more family joined the party for dinner. Here is Jesse's Uncle Bob and Aunt Cindy.
Maddie took a special liking to Uncle Bob. His sneezing Christmas frog was pretty entertaining!
We enjoyed talking with Rick (Jesse's cousin) and his wife Nikki. They had fun looking through the Israel album I made Jesse for Christmas.
The Johnson men!
Jesse, JJ (brother), Homie (Dad), Uncle Bob, and Rick.

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Kim Archer said...

so you totally have to frame the snowman picture or use it in next years christmas cards or something, super cute!