Monday, January 25, 2010

Heavenly Homemaking with Anna

Once again our CSUN ladies took a morning trip over to Anna Sander's home for some cooking lessons. Here's what we learned:
How to cook the perfect bacon- not too brunt, not rubbery, just right. Then we poured off some of the fat and used a little of the bacon grease to cook the eggs. They had a wonderful smokey flavor to them!
After having a little breakfast, we began making a Valentine's Day dinner menu. First off was making some delicious Red Velvet "Kisses" Cupcakes (there was a surprise kiss in the center of each one). We also got the recipe for cream cheese icing.
Then we moved on to marinating a tri-tip with roasted garlic. We also put together some sides- mashed potatoes, steamed zucchini, and spinach souffle. Amazing!!!
While those dishes were cooking, our special guest, my mom, talked about how to choose cookware. It was so good for these gals to hear the different options out there and how to pick what you want. This is a life time investment!!
Next, we decorated the cupcakes! We also made a chocolate eclair cake. Our morning was full, as you can tell!
Aunt Dottie was our honored guest, so she got the first plate to taste all we had made. (She gave it two thumbs up)
Here's a few of the gals enjoying the new recipes we learned.
Thanks to Anna for all the preparation and planning that went into this wonderful morning. We were blessed by your efforts!
We are so glad Aunt Dottie is here visiting again! Here we are watching Maddie eat a cookie this afternoon.
Her favorite word:
I miss you Papa! (he's traveling right now, and Maddie keeps calling for him when we go to Mimi's house).


Ben and Melissa James said...

co-key! I love it! Emma misses Papa too. She keeps getting out her Yankee shirt and saying, "Papa!"

Justin, Juli and Kelsey said...

Her face when saying this cracks me up!!! too cute:)