Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for An Upgrade

I snapped a photo of Madison sleeping the other day. She is obviously a bit big for her toddler bed.
So, I got to work painting ($12 for spray paint), then put together the twin bed we were given. Rachel White and I did this project while Jesse was out of town. Rachel brought the drill, and we put this beauty together.
Maddie was thrilled to sleep in a big bed! We found the sheets for $10 and the comforter for $30 at Target.
So the cost of the whole bed: $52. I think that's pretty good!


Mommy Roth said...

Love, running to Target I saw that one the other day but didn't stop to check the price. Although my daughter's fav is blue so she probably wouldn't go for it :(. You did a great job with the bed and Jack was switched too, they seem to sleep so good in BIG beds! Can you make her stop growing? She's getting so big.

Heather said...

Great project!!! It's beautiful :)