Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zoo Time

We've been enjoying some family days at the LA Zoo lately thanks to Gigi and Grandpa! They gave Madison (and our whole family) year passes to the zoo for her birthday. We sure enjoy going for short visits often.
The new elephant area is quite amazing! This was Maddie's favorite animal of the day!
The jaguar was getting his exercise pacing around his little cage. It's fun going early in the morning, because that's when the animals are active.
It was pretty funny watching this hippo breath through his huge nostrils every few minutes.
Savannah loved it when any animal moved...she squirmed right along with them!
There's a new play structure area that Madison enjoyed running around in for a bit.
Thanks again Grandpa and GiGi for this gift that keeps on giving for the whole family!
Here's a funny video of every day life at the Johnson's house...Savannah is ripping up papers all over the floor while trying to eat Maddie's feet! We keep it real here :) By the way, Madison is looking at a toy catalogue!

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