Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ray Was Here

The night my parents flew out of Dulles, Ray flew in to Regan airport! We've spent that last few days catching up with our friend from the CSUN Bible study we miss back in Cali.
 Both girls LOVED playing with Ray.
I think Ray enjoyed seeing Arlington Cemetery, the monuments, the American History Museum, Pete's Pizza, Immanuel Bible Church, Old Town Alexandria, and the 9/11 Memorial.
 Jesse and Ray got in some manly bonding time when making a Costco run, doing yard work, and building a fire, of course.
While Ray was here, we went to the American History Museum where we learned about transportation. There were fantastic replicas of old ships. I think that's where this pretend world originated...they're on a "boat" (the rug) and Ray is rescuing them when they fall in the water.


Ski Town Girl said...

Glad a little explanation was attached to that video. Took more imagination than I could muster!

Ferko said...

Hahaha...little Sissy is soo cute and how Mads rescued her!!!! Miss your sweet girls! How fun that Ray could be there!!