Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few Firsts

 We took a day trip to Frederick with my parents. Geneva loved our family outing, oh wait, she slept through most of it! 
We ate at Family Time- great breakfast.
 The big girls played at the park.
And then we walked the canals. 
 The neighborhood kids have created a "hobo house" (Maddie came home calling it a "Lobo house"- you know her Daddy went to UNM :). They have made mud pies, and done yard work to fix up the place. 
 Naps with Daddy on the floor.
 One of our FBI friends gave her this cute onsie!
 Geneva started to fall asleep in her first bath! Funny girl. Her personality is that relaxed!
 Bath time cuddles.
 Three girls snuggling on the couch.
First Sunday going to church!

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Ferko said...

So fun that your parents are there!! I love that picture of all three of the girls - G has that sweet smile staring up at Maddie :)) And that picture of you with the girls is precious!!