Monday, October 14, 2013


This past weekend I felt very blessed by my family. My Aunt Jennifer and Mom and Dad were extremely helpful with the kids, cooked, cleaned up, and even did some sewing! 
I was able to focus on Geneva and enjoy their company. 
 When it stopped raining, we had scooter races!
 Aunt Dottie loved watching Geneva.
 Somebody was playing a trick on me with the toy mouse!
 Geneva's first outing was for dessert in Old Town Alexandria. 
 She's a little night owl!
 Mimi and Geneva enjoyed playing on the floor.
 Morning cuddles.
 Thanks Aunt Jennifer for coming to meet me!
Four generations of ladies!


the e-wife, Karen said...

I love the last picture! Deidre, I'm so thankful that God sustained you through yet another difficult pregnancy. I know you have experienced so much grace through it all. Geneva is precious! Oh how I wish I could bring you a meal and cuddle her. Sending you lots of love from afar. :-)

Ferko said...

Love the owl hat - G is so precious!! And whose idea was it to put that mouse under the dresser, haha - did it scare you? ;)