Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friends From Far Away

It's been a while since I blogged (all 5 of you who check my blog know that :)
We've had a busy couple of weeks. The last two were spent in CA with family and the week before we left we hosted our good friends from Jackson Hole, WY.
While the Davis' were visiting, we had a group of about 30 people (that all were friends in CA at seminary) over for dinner. It was fun to see the little ones meet each other and become fast friends. The Mollicas are missionaries in Italy, Davis' church planted in Jackson Hole, Standridges are serving in the college ministry in Springfield, Smalls are pastoring in Sterling VA, and now we're here in VA too. Such a small world!
The adults all enjoyed talking about what God is doing in our lives. 
It is so encouraging to have these friendships!
The 3 Davis' girls and our girls are about the same age. They just loved playing together!

Meal time is never dull with 6 kids under 5 years :) 
Thanks Eric and Leslie for always helping and making it easy!
We had a night out with their family in Old Town Alexandria.
  Stories with Mr. Eric were a hit.
We were so excited to have them come to church on Sunday. 
Eric was able to preach for the college and High School groups, too.
Our last night together we went to Great Waves Waterpark. Everyone had a blast!
 Thanks Eric and Leslie for visiting and being such a blessing to our family. 
You are an encouragement to walk with the Lord even closer!

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