Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Santa Monica

After my sister left, we had a couple days just with my parents. 
So, we went to Santa Monica for dinner one evening.
 When mom and dad moved to CA (from NY), we stayed in a hotel right off this pier. 
I was 10 months old, just like Geneva!
 The girls were fascinated with this yucky snakes.
This guy had a bunch of HUGE pythons for people to take pictures with. So weird.
 Sisters that are best friends!
We walked along Third Street and window shopped.
After a while we found a great spot for coffee and ice cream. Papa just snuggled Geneva :0

 Mimi read bed time stories.
The next day we went to Griffith Park.
The girls love riding horses there.
 And the carousel!
   Papa got tackled.
 And we had a picnic!

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