Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Week of School

Well, our new adventure of homeschooling has begun! There have been some ups and downs already, but overall...I'm so happy to have my three girls home and I'm thankful for the lessons I'm learning at this school, too!
 First day...
 Keeping mom on her toes school! This little one was a challenge the first day- she colored herself with markers, threw the box of crayons on the floor when she couldn't have the markers, didn't want to nap, but we worked through it. The next day was much smoother!
My little students. It's fun to be teaching again after an eight year break!
Savannah practiced some fine motor skills, writing her name, and connecting the number dots.
 Geneva enjoyed moving around Cheerios from one stacking cup to another! She also gets to color, connect blocks, snack, and play with her baby.
 Maddie is doing so well with math! We have used the abacus, balance tiles, and even played some math games. Right Start Math is very hands-on and it's perfect for Maddie's learning style! 
She's learning a little cursive, all her phonographs, spelling words, and reading. We've also journaled this week, written a letter, done grammar (nouns- common and proper), learned about sharks and thunderstorms, and started a new read aloud chapter book.
 Recess was chalk drawings one day.
 Maddie had the idea that we collect rocks from the creek and every time she and Savannah do a great job with their work, they get a handful of rocks in a jar. When that jar fills up, we get to watch a movie!

After learning about Johnny Appleseed, the yearly cycle of an apple tree, and the parts of an apple flower, we went apple picking- our first field trip! We went with 3 other families.
 This little sweetie got carsick on the drive out to Bluemont, but that didn't stop her form eating the apples!!
 Naomi and Savannah having fun!

 Silly girl sniffed so hard, the flower stuck right on her nose!

 Buddies on the tractor ride.

 We enjoyed seeing lots of farm animals, too.

Here's the huge pillow to jump on!
Ice cream, too :)
Geneva wanted to play IN the mining trough!
And this weekend we've had some fun making apple bread and caramel apple pie!

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Ferko said...

Yaay!!! I'm sure you a great teacher Mrs.Johnson ;)) Your girls are looking too grown up -- they need to stop! So fun you went apple picking - we're going later this week!! Can I get the apple bread recipe please, sounds yummers!! <3