Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More OBX

So cute to see what the girls decide to pack for the car ride. Maddie had lots of books, Savannah had a bunch of mini princesses, and Geneva had this bag and a kitten. Ha! They did excellent on the 5 hour ride to the Outer Banks. We even did school!
 Cheerios always taste better at the beach, right?!  
 Um, I love her and can't believe she's almost two!!
 This beach is perfect- the water feels clean and is clear, the waves are small, and the sand is soft.
 So the second day we were at the beach, Jesse bought boogie boards for the girls. 
They LOVED them!!
 OK, not for this one.
 She's such a fish- she was out in the water for hours!
 We could see lots of fish, a couple jellyfish, and one stingray in the water.
 Rest time.
 My cuties at Roosters- delicious southern cooking place we found.
 Duck Donuts in PJ's- is there any other way?!
 Making sand castles...
 Up to something...
 Ah! They're going to fly away!
 Downward dog pilates at Nagshead. Why not!
 The girls love climbing the sand dunes.
 Geneva crawled around pretending to be a duck.
I'm tired mom!
Nap time.
 Best friends.

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