Monday, February 22, 2016

Trip to MA

After the service, my mom, Aunt Jennifer, sister, and me headed to MA where Aunt Dottie had lived the last 10 years.  Jesse was so kind to drive the girls home and watch them for 5 days! 
I'm so thankful for him.
 On our way, we stopped in Pelam (where my mom and Aunt Jennifer grew up) and went to their favorite pizza place. 
It was pretty amazing.
We had our work cut out for us. Aunt Dottie had collected many things over the past 103 years! She kept every note and picture ever given to her- including ones from her parents! We took multiple trips to Good Will and actually were able to clear out everything besides the furniture. It was a joy to help with this process, but we sure do miss her.
Here's the view from Aunt Dottie's apartment. While we were in MA it got crazy cold. It was -11 Sunday morning, with windshield it was -25!! My aunt's heat broke while we were there so it made for great memories! One night we played a dice game wrapped in blankets and wearing gloves in the house!
Here's some of my favorite photos of Aunt Dottie. 


  While we were there, the house where she lived held a tea in her memory. All of the elderly came, brought treats, and shared stories about Aunt Dottie. It was such a sweet time. Aunt Jennifer read her eulogy. I was able to meet a few other Christian women there!
   I came across this beauty of me and my sister! Haha. 
I think the Easter Bunny was a convicted felon!
 All the great, great grand nieces inherited a tea cup from Aunt Dottie when she passed away. 
Here are Charis and Emma's tea cups. 
 Here's Maddie with hers. She wanted to stick out her pinkie and drink like a "lady".
It was wonderful to come home and see my little family! I've never been away so long. I brought home a few things for each of the girls from Aunt Dottie. Maddie has wanted her wear the sweater every day, Geneva sleeps with the snowman, and Savannah has been playing with the kitchen timer! They all miss her and will remember her. She was one special lady.

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