Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Outings with Papa and Mimi

 Once Jesse and I got back, we had a few days with my parents and enjoyed some DC touristy adventures. Yes, my mom rode in the trunk to the pool for swim team!
  We went to Union Station to catch the DC Duck Tours one day. On the walk there, the girls got a kick out of how the air came up out of the subway!
 I love her smiles!
My fashion girl.
We started out learning some pretty interesting facts driving through DC.
Then the bus went right in the Potomac River! 
The girls had a blast quacking their duck calls as we floated down the river.
Look at our driver!
 After swim practice we ate dinner outside. These two snuggle girls.
 And had a fire.
  Papa kept the fire going while Mimi read.
 Chillin' out in Fairfax...
 Shake time!
Maddie reading to Mimi.
 On another day we took the paddle boats into the Tidal Basin.
What a fun crew!

 Thanks for coming Papa and Mimi! We miss you.

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Adrienne said...

Godly grandparents are such a treasure! :)