Monday, June 20, 2016

Thanks Mom and Dad

While Jesse and I were enjoying ourselves in the Caribbean, my parents were being amazing grandparents to the girls.
 Highlights from their time together was going to the pool, park, movie theatre, playing pretend, slumber parties, baking, and reading books. Whew! Sounds like everyone was busy!
 Maddie showed Papa how she cleans the hamster cage- 
it's all her responsibility and she does a great job!
Papa also put the girls to work in the back yard. They cleaned all the tables, chairs, and deck. 
  Then they enjoyed lunch al fresco.
 While they were working hard, I was, well...not.

One of my favorite things there was doing laps in the water! Ah. It was truly amazing.
 Jesse and I were able to read some excellent books and discuss them during our getaway. I read An Infinite Journey (book about sanctification) and another one called Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full (great book for moms). Both were great reads. Jesse read The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitfield and a biography about Eric Liddell.
 So relaxing. 
Loved being with this guy. 

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Adrienne said...

Thank you for the book recommendation. I had heard of Gloria Furman's book, but I'd never read anything by her and wasn't sure if it would be worth my limited time. I bought it after reading your blog and am enjoying it immensely!