Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Field Trip!

 We found the cutest restaurant in Ohio- "Bite". 
 It's such a treat to find healthy food and to be with my family-I love going on adventures with these people.
 There it is! A re-build Noah's ark. It was astonishing to walk next to and inside the ark! God's plans are amazing, and He thinks not like we think- His ways are so much higher and better than our ways. 
Here's our group- so fun to do life with these people! We're in front of the door to the ark- now I understand why God is the One who closed the door!!!
 Inside the ark were cages and examples of how all the different animal "kinds" really could have fit in the ark.
I loved talking with Savannah about why God had to destroy the earth with a flood. The people were only thinking and acting wickedly continually the Bible says. Sin will be punished. God made a way to rescue Noah and his family because they followed Him and worshipped Him. Just like that, today we need to repent from our own sinful ways and seek Jesus' sacrifice as the only way to have forgiveness and to enter eternity with God. He is a Rescuer!
 We did a little mining for gems and fossils. All of the fossils actually point to a young earth, and not that it came into existence millions of years ago. 
 We did a little geology work with naming gems!
 And the arc had a petting zoo- of course!!

 So thankful for Maddie's sweet friends!
 After touring the ark and then swimming at the hotel, we went to the Creation Museum at 8pm for a night IN the museum!
 These gorgeous butterflies were one of my favorite finds on our flashlight scavenger hunt. 

Here are some helpful plaques about the 7 C's of history. Neat to see a timeline attached to the large groupings of what God was doing/is doing throughout history.
This one is great on explaining how we know the Bible is true. 
 Midnight was "lights out" even though many of the displays still had there lights on all night :)
All the ladies slept in one room of the museum and the guys in another. It was quite an experience!
 Savannah needed four friends to help her wake up the next morning!!
 Breakfast time. So thankful they had coffee!!
 The grounds were so beautiful!!
 Thankful these two have been friends since they were babies.   
 We stayed in the museum for a while the next day and went to a reptile show. 
 It was a highlight for the girls!!
 I can't believe how brave all the girls were. They reached into a container and grabbed out cockroaches to feed large geckos, held a hissing cockroach, and handled snakes.
 "Daisy" is a 100 pound, 15 foot, 8 year old Burmese Python. It took 4 adults to hold her!! 
  And that's a wrap. They napped a little bit on our 9 hour drive home. So thankful for this trip!   

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