Saturday, May 19, 2018

Papa Time

 We were thrilled to have Papa here for 2 weeks! He came to teach a counseling class at the seminary here. So by day he did home school and life with us and by night he taught! It was a pretty good deal. Thanks Mimi for the beautiful matching dresses!!
 Reading time!
Reading Spurgeon :)
 Time for night class! The girls loved walking the teacher to his classroom!
 I was spoiled this Mother's Day! Jesse and the kids made crepes and planned a whole special meal for me! They set the table beautifully and even bought me flowers. It was special to have my dad here, too. We missed you, Mom!
 Papa was able to come to the Spring Concert at co-op!
 He watched soccer.
And read more.
Thanks for being so flexible and fun to be around, Dad! I love talking with you- your love for the Lord and for us is so evident.

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