Monday, September 22, 2008

CSUN Retreat

Maddie giggled for the first time this weekend. Daddy is so good with her!
Paul led music the whole weekend.
We went away to Camarillo this weekend for our college Bible Study retreat. We had a blast hanging out, but realized we were the oldest ones there- married and with a child. Kinda strange!  
We had a great time studying what the Bible has to say about wisdom.

Robin and Jessica shared their testimonies. So did John and Lisa Martin. It was a sweet time to hear how God saved them and is growing them. 
Maddie's first hotel stay. She was amazing the whole weekend. Everyone wanted to hold her and take her picture- it was really cute. 
Paul and Robin baby sitting on the beach.
We spent all day Saturday at the beach- it was a beautiful day. 


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