Monday, September 29, 2008

Parent Dedication

At Grace Community Church we do parent dedication. This is where, we  as parents, promise to raise our children in the teaching and training of God's Word. The parent's and child's names are read off (there were about 30 other couples along with us that night), we walk up to the front of the church, promise to honor the Lord with how we bring up our children, Pastor MacArthur prays for them, and then we parade down the long center isle out of the church. 

Papa and Mimi took us out to dinner after - it was so much fun. 
We call this Maddie's piggy picture!


Ben and Melissa James said...

I'm sad that I missed that! Maddie, you're looking more and more like your mommy!

Mommy Roth said...

Little piggie, that is hilarious and that it was your dad holding her too. See is just a cutie pie! (so are you)!