Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Untraditional Thanksgiving

The day started out with a little Maddie photo shoot. This was her first time wearing jeans. What a big girl- we had to capture the moment! Jesse was taking pictures on his phone while I took these. We were a sight to see! You can tell she is our first child!

Then we went to Papa and Mimi's house for some tummy time. 
And kisses.
A bit of basketball. The Hollbrooks, Verdugos, Wanetta, Josh, and Davis joined my parents and us to celebrate Thanksgiving together. 
All the seminary guys had fun together.
And the ladies enjoyed cleaning up in the kitchen. The reason I call this a "nontraditional day" is because we had no turkey! We did a southern barbecue instead- it was delicious!
We took a walk to the park and through a football around.
Madison really enjoyed the fresh air!
What a beautiful day God created- we just loved the cool, brisk weather.
Then the games started. We played a fun name game and Apples to Apples. 
The "kids" were mesmerized by Jackson's computer game! We had a memorable day- we thank the Lord for wonderful family and friends to spend it with. 


Ben and Melissa James said...

That looked like so much fun! I wish I was there! I love that pic of Jack holding Maddie. He used t do that to our girls!! I'll email you a pic of Jack with Charis on his lap and another one of Charis in a pile of laundry like Maddie is. I can't wait to see you in 25 days!

Veronica said...

Maddie is SO cute!! And I love the jeans! Jason and I did the same thing the first time Hannah wore jeans too...I think she was aroud the same age as Maddie. :)