Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What A Great Deal!

Here are some of our deals...
This dress was $4.50. Perfect for the spring.
Comfy every day outfit. 
This is my favorite- Janie and Jack white outfit with the tags still on for $8.50! Maddie will wear this all winter.
Old Navy khakis for $5.50. They look like they've never been worn.
Green sweat shirt for $4.50.
Karen Harasick told me about a Once Upon a Child- this is where she used to sell/buy her kids clothes. It's a great consignment store with a large selection of children's clothes, toys, books, cribs, you name it- it's there! Karen, Maddie, and I ventured out for Taco Tuesday ($1 tacos- yummy), then sold/bought Madison some clothes, and ended up at Starbucks, so that Madison could have her lunch. This is a great place to do a trade when you're on a budget. Another place that will do this is Children's Orchard. Does anyone know of a consignment store for adult clothing?

Karen bought Maddie this adorable hat, now that it's finally getting cooler here in CA. (the original tags where still on it:). We had lots of fun dressing up Madison! Thanks Karen for a fun day!


bean said...

that's awesome! we have a couple good kid's consignment stores here too. they are REALLY good until you're into about size 6 or so, then i guess kids are just too hard on clothes, so the pickings are slim. but we always start there first to see what they have. one of ours also has good maternity clothes - i got some jeans this time around for $6 that were just like new. i wish i could find a grown up store too!

oh, and maddie is ridiculously cute in that hat. i wish you two could come when your mom comes! that would be so fun!!!

Mommy Roth said...

Doesn't a great deal feel great! Those clothes are so cute! Oh, and Maddie is so cute I look forward to checking in on any new pictures of your cutie pie. Kiss those cheeks for me will ya!