Monday, October 26, 2009

Arizona Trip!

Madison and I flew to Arizona for a few days to visit the James- my sister, her husband, Charis and Emma. We had a blast! Here's what we did:
After we flew in, we went to pick up Charis from school. She is such a big girl!
Charis was the calendar helper for the week.
Emma liked playing with Maddie as her baby doll.
After mothering, she needed to put her feet up and take a rest looking at a magazine (Family Fun)!
Then the mothering started up again :) Eat, Maddie, eat!
They played in the backyard for so long. Between the swing, slide, water table, car, and more they were set.
This is her absolute favorite toy right now. After we got back from the trip, I went grocery shopping and she ran right over to the shopping cart with the car attached at the front and began jumping with excitement! We did use that cart for a very difficult shopping experience- so hard to maneuver those things!!!

Maddie loved Chloe!
Baby Einstein movie. Mads hadn't seen the animal one before and loved it!!! She made all kinds of noises and waved at each animal.
Story time before bed.
We went to a train park one day, and first stopped at the playground. The playgrounds in Arizona are far superior to the ones in Cali. They have misters, more to do, and cleaner play equipment.

Emma loved the trains (we rode this one later).
Here we are! Choo! Choo!
Look at these pink cheeks- it was so hot!
We had so much fun!
Here's the first ride on the carousel.

The girls loved playing at this train table. Melissa and I were grateful to cool down inside a bit, before we rode....
the carousel again!
That night we went to dinner at Joe's Farm Grill. Everything is organic and most is grown on their farm. It's a great place!
Here is the dinner entertainment!
Maddie ended up spilling her water all over herself, so she rode home in a diaper. She was a bit crazy that night- she also pulled out her pig tails, and had these wings. She was cracking us up!
The next day we went the the mall. The girls played in Pottery Barn Kids for about 45 minutes! I cannot believe all the fun stuff they have! Can you believe some people buy play Dyson vacuums for $50 for their kids!
She thought the bed was a bit too big :)
But the table was just the right size.
Air hockey!!!
That night before church we tried getting a few shots of the cute cousins, but there was always someone looking away (what can you expect with a 15 month old, 2 1/2 year old, and 5 year old?).

Charis did her schoolwork outside while the little girls played the next morning. She is doing a great job with her writing!
Such a hard worker!
Why not play in the sprinklers at 7:45am?
A cousin train.
"Cute to the Core"!
She has so many funny faces these days!
My cuddler took a break from all the busy playing to hug me.
So thirsty in this 100 degree weather!
Sweet Em!
I love it that they can play together!!!
Maddie and I were so sad to leave these girls! We love you and miss you. Thanks for playing for a few days with us!

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