Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gardening with Papa and Goodbyes to AD

Papa had the brilliant idea to plant tomatoes in our yard with Madison! They had a wonderful time digging, planting, naming the tomatoes, and watering them.
There are always opportunities to teach our children about the Lord...I love how my dad does that!
They planted three "Specialty" tomatoes and names them: Meenie, Minie, and Mo. The "Champion"tomatoes were named: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Derrick Jeter (after the Yankee champions, of course :)!
Savannah watched some of the planting from her bedroom window.

High fives when the job was done!!
Thank you Papa for the fun times and future lessons in responsibility, sewing and reaping (spiritually too) and many other lessons that can be learned through gardening.
Aunt Dottie just spent the last 6 weeks in CA visiting us. Savannah and Madison just adore her!

And I adore her, too. We are going to miss you Aunt Dottie...thanks for coming to visit :)

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Elizabeth said...

I wanted that video to keep going! it was so sweet to watch I was quite taken with it! We recently planted some flowers, but a bush turkey dug them all up, it kind of changed the lesson plan, perhaps 'perseverance' as we planted more this week!