Sunday, March 27, 2011

GOC guys' night: Fire and meat

What is more manly than food and fire? Grace on Campus had a guys night this weekend where Austin came and taught our men about the theology of smoking meat. Our guys learned the difference between a grill and a barbeque, direct/indirect heat, and why California is the only place in the world with tri-tip.

Of course, there was preaching on how God views food, and why he made the world so that work is connected to eating.

The day started with smoking nearly 20 pounds of tri-tip:

And ended with the guys learning how to clean, quarter, and barbeque a chicken:

Here Austin is explaining how to start a fire, and why you do so on brick rather than concrete (you should ask him sometime why that is and how he knows it):

The guys learned how to make their own rubs, sauces, and how to doctor beans to make them wicked good:

Here is the finished product:

Dessert was a few pounds of sausage, with bacon bits added, placed inside of a bacon weave, and then smoked for about an hour. Here is the presmoked version. You may have a heart attack just looking at it:

Even Maddie was in on the fun:


Rick Holland said...

And why was I not invited to this?????

Andrew gutierrez said...

And why was I not invited to this?

Morgan Harabedian said...

And why was I not invited to this? Isn't there an "art of manliness" rule that dictates an event must be repeated if it receives 3 or more "why wasn't I invited's?"